Pure Crystals Water Bottles


Let crystals be part of your daily life with PURE crystals glass water bottles

By infusing your daily drinking water with the natural vibration of our healing crystals you begin a journey of self love and healing.

Now you can create a wellness experience by customising your water bottle with different gems based on your daily needs.

How it works

So simple: just add water!

Each of our glass bottles contains a glass pod. The glass pod has a removable seal allowing you to change over your crystals to suit your daily needs.

The healing power of crystals will change the vibration of your beverage and support everyday hydration.

Fill your glass bottle up with water and in just 7-10 minutes the energies of your healing crystals are in your water.


“Let Pure crystals water ignite your inner sparkle and bring mindfulness to your day“

- Beverly Raftery - Founder

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Good for you.
Good for the planet.

Free your water from plastic!

30 million plastic bottles are bought and discarded in 1 year with only 20% recycled.

And 11 billion gallons of bottled water are consumed.

Imagine never being obligated to buy plastic bottles again.

Now you can. Do good for your body, and the world.