Pure Balance Infused Crystal Bottle

Pure Balance Infused Crystal Bottle


PURE Balance  

Containing 7 different Crystals to bring Balance to all your Chakras

Clear Quartz             (Healing- Clarity - Spirituality) Crown and all Chakras

Amethyst                  (Calm- Peace - Stability-Insight) Third Eye Chakra

Sodalite                    (Truth - Intuition) Throat and Third Eye Chakra

Rose Quartz             (Love - Peace - Harmony) Heart Chakra

Citrine                       (Happiness - Strength - Personal Power - Abundance) Solar Plexus Chakra

Orange Carnelian     (Personal Power - Courage - Strength - Good Luck) Solar Plexus 

Red Jasper               (Strength - Balance - Security - Passion - Nurturing) Root Chakra

All Chakras

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